Here you’ll find resources to help you become familiarized with the biostatistic world, if you are in the beginning stages of your biostatistic journey. For each resource, a link to the website, as well as the time commitment for the resource is provided.

Teach me STATISTICS in half an hour!Youtube (0.5 hours)

An intuitive introductory lesson that covers core ideas of statistics. It gives an engaging and clear overview of data types, distributions, sampling and hypothesis testing. No prior math knowledge is required to complete this video.

Introduction to Statistics – Coursera (15 hours)

Conveys the essential statistical thinking concepts, with practice exercises to help grasping practical data analysis skills. Includes more details of basic topics like descriptive statistics, sampling, distributions, testings, and gives introductions to regressions and multiple comparisons.

SAS Programming 1: EssentialsSAS Virtual Learning Environment (21 hours)

The entry point to learning SAS programming for data science. Designed for who would like to learn SAS programs to access, explore, prepare and analyze data.